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Alaskan Outlaw Playing Cards - VOLUME 3

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Excerpt from Alaska Outlaw Cards:
The idea for Alaska Outlaw Cards was sprung sometime in 2007 in Anchorage, Alaska amidst a major local corruption scandal featuring a large cast of colorful Alaska characters. Grab your history books and you will find that this has been a long-time state tradition: swindling, bribing, cheating and otherwise bucking the establishment in uniquely rebellious Alaska style. Hence, the Alaska Outlaw Cards were born.
Share them with your friends, send one as a gift to your Uncle Ted, or start up a friendly game of poker, just don't get caught cheating. This quality deck of 52 playing cards (and two Jokers) features 52 different Alaska characters.

What do Levi Johnston, Larry Flynt,
Snowzilla, Sarah Palin, Soapy Smith, and Steve McQueen all have in common?

At one time they were Alaska outlaws, rebels or cons, bucking the establishment, living outside the law or swindling Alaskans with old-fashioned luck and charm.

Here are 52 of Alaska's most famous firebrands and deviants, those who took the Alaska spirit of independence and defiance to the next level, and made us cringe, laugh and cry.

The first deck was a collectible sensation, and now there is a 2nd edition, featuring 17 new outlaws, surprise jokers and 2010 updates on all our favorite Alaska rebels.